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AKA Corey Chase, Cory Chade, Cory Teamskeet

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For a long period of Earthen history children were supposed to follow their parents and had no other way out but to continue their professions and to give them later to their children. Boriiiing! Luckily things changed dramatically and now any person can follow his or hers dream either it is flying to Africa and taking care about people there, writing songs and making videos for Internet or even becoming one of the best and the most popular porn stars in the history.

Luckily Cory Chase followed her dream to become an actress and that dream brought her to porn movies.
At first glance this beautiful blonde seems to be a classy MILF who never breaks rules and who knows how to do everything properly. Luckily she is a totally different occasion. Cory Chase is very talented in everything that concerns sex or making men do exactly what she needs to be satisfied.

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Though she is slim and gentle, at least she looks like that, it turns out she spends hours in the gym to keep fit and in fact she is a rather successful weight-lifter. Sure after hard workouts she needs to do something to relax and to color her days bright. In order to achieve those goals unstoppable blonde is ready to fulfil the wildest fantasies on camera in every exciting detail. This means she has no limits and she is very talented in twisting men around her little finger. Sure she does not forget to twist her hot tongue around their hard dicks but that’s a totally different story.
Besides her fantastic cock pleasing abilities it turns out Cory Chase is a talented actress who can easily change roles in a matter of seconds. She can be a wild mistress or a caring MILF or a modest nurse who uses her big boobs to heal patients. It is up for you to choose what side of her fantastic character you want to enjoy.

Even though Cory Chase spends many hours in front of a camera she has many other hobbies as well. She loves spending time near water, horseback riding, hanging out with friends and working out in the gym. Luckily she is full of energy that gives her a chance to be successful in everything she does.